Thursday, November 20, 2008

Christmas Card Class....

I am woman I change my mind! ....LOL Here are the cards* that we will be making in my class on Monday Morning the 24th of November at Your Maine Stamper in Winthrop. Hope your able to play hookey and come and play promises to be a fun time with loads of laughs. I might even sneak in a quick extra card....because I got my labels nestabilities that I have been waiting for forever and I just want to include you in the fun....Wishing you all and excellent day.
*Note if you click on the picture you can see them larger than life!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nestabilites Storage in Transition!

I was on Paper Planet last night and they were asking how you stored your cuttle bug and nestabilites. So I thought that was a great question and decided to share it with you all here....this picture is of my original storage it is on the end of a desk that has book shelves on the ends.

All of my embossing folders and nestabilities were stored in a metal mesh basket and stored on a shelf. Until I went shopping at a local Surplus Salvage store....and there I saw it my next nestabilites storage unit that would be portable too!

It was a faux bright green CD holder with a magnetic closure....and at a mear $3.99 I was sold it was all over then! I purchased one and brought it home and it is going to work well.....I just pulled the magnetic sheets out of my cd jewel cases and trimmed a bit and have inserted them into my holder......Shazammmm...they fit and are portable. I will finish putting them in today so you can see them later and how portable this is going to be! Wow I love it when a plan comes together....I did call my sister over the weekend and had her go and pick me up 2 more just in case.....I needed them and at any surplus and salvage place you know that they could be gone tomorrow!

Notice that I have labels with numbers on them on the magnetic sheets....any idea why and what they are for????? It is the number of dies that should be on that sheet so that when i pick up I don't accidentally leave them somewhere or loose them! Gotta keep our investments safe and sound! LOL Here is to a successful day to you all and remember if you see a Vet today to stop and take a moment to say Thanks!