Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pinterest inspired DIY

I just had to take part in this event!
I got very inspired by Pinterest pins and made two DIY projects and then another that was not on Pinterest just running around in my head! LOL

First up we have the canning jar lamp pinned on my lighting board mason jar light and here is the version that my DH and I made this past weekend.  We had so much fun doing this together.
Next is the "art" here is the link to the pin art and here is what I came up with. Multiple canvases in a dark red to blend in with the red bedroom curtains. So fun. I did get a bit of bleeding on the lines I am sure that it was because I needed two coats of paint so I left the tape on and didn't take it off immediately after painting. What is great is I had the canvas on hand and the paint was a "Martha Stewart" sample from Home Depot which was less that $3.00. I love it and if there is an earthquake no worries about getting cut up from breaking glass!
 This next item is one of those crazy ideas I had late at night. I have a daughter that has to have it completely dark to the point she flipps the alarm clock over so the light doesn't disturb her!  I also have a nifty gadget that holds my phone @ night and was thinking oh if I made a "Nighty Nite Cap" for the phone the light wouldn't bother me when messages, e-mails or calls might be coming in at night.  Phone without cap.
 Phone adorned with its new "Nighty Nite Cap"!  What can I say.....I am a woman that is so fortunate that I get to stay at home and dream up wild ideas!
Here are the links to the women that started this fun event
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a most excellent day and may your mojo flow freely!