Friday, May 30, 2008

Tool Time

Tool Time is a favorite show of our families when it was on and we even enjoy reruns now! On that note of trivia that you didn't really need .....LOL.......I was reading an update to another blog

this morning and discovered that she was looking for an item that is available at our local shop! A stamping mat.......

just wanted you to know how much I love mine as Michelle said you get such a clear image even on the large stamps. So if you have a chance stop by and pick one up a great investment for $3.50 or give a phone call and have one or two shipped to you.
The stamps in the picture are by Courtney and sold exclusively at Your Maine Stamper phone number on right side of my blog.

Wishing you all inky fingers and an excellent weekend!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Good Morning from NY!

Good Morning All
No pics for today as I am on SIL computer and I'm not so sure how to down load pics from my camera to here. So on that note I thought I would give you a little context to the picture at the top of the blog......It is the pear tree in our back yard and I have been watching it closely and the Honey Bees are alive and well working very hard to give us a great harvest this coming fall.....I know that there is a crisis with the Honey Bees but I am pleased to report they are doing well in our neighborhood. Well that is it for today.....more moving for the kids today. Wishing you a most excellent day!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Nestabilities Tags & The Lost Garden!

Good Morning! Here is a card using Nestabilities and Gamsol with colored pencils stamp is by Inkadinkadoo. Just love all of these products.
Here you will see the garden that DH and I worked on yesterday.....what a surprise we got after living here for 5.5 years we discovered that the crescent garden that we thought we had was really a tear shaped garden and we gained about a 4x4 foot piece of garden so now the plan is that I will use this for a small vegetable garden this summer with the herbs. The bricks were sunk in about 6" just like when we found our front walk way.....It was buried under 8" of gravel....Hey I hope we are not sinking...LOL......not really.Not sure how I'll post this week on my way back to NY to help the kidos move! Have a great week....Robyn

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Missin Grandma!

Grandmaw I really miss you tucking me in for my naps.....and now that I have started puppy school my Mom & Dad have decided that I can't sleep on the sofa anymore! I sure will miss having my naps on the sofa all snuggled up with you. You know what a great dog I am right Grandmaw? I really am a great dog!

Some things never change.....The kidos were home for a week and homework on the dining room table is the same as it was 4+years ago when she lived at home! LOL I so love that somethings never change! I'll be back with some posts on some cards with nesties later. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day!
DH surprised me with something that I have wanted for about 7 months........
Lancome Miracle Forever! I am so excited and he got me some other Lancome products too! This scent is so makes me feel so special.....kinda reminds me of how I feel about all the munchkins and the grand munchkins......they are all miracles and forever too!

This is what Jamie and Rob got me for Mother's Day.....I just love having fun dishes to serve wonderful food on.....and Oh how I love brie and olives!

I hope that all the children remember whom gave them the gift of life and that today is a special one for all Mom's!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Nesabilities Samples!

Here are samples that I made with my nestabilities and using colored pencils with Gamsol....Oh, have i told you how much I love Gamsol? I think you can click on the picture to get a closer look.

Here is a sample of some Top Secret Cards that I've been working on too.

Gotta love those nesties! Hope your all having a great week and here is to a great weekend.


Saturday, May 3, 2008

New York & New Card....

Hey there everyone....Here I am in NY! It has rained almost every day since I've been where are the May flowers? I am going to try and post a pic or 2....or not.... I am on my son in laws lap top and I'm not sure where my pics are so I'll post when I get back home...later....All is well and I think that DH will be on the road again this week...see you all when I get