Sunday, July 6, 2008

Strawberries Again!

OK, so what on earth was I thinking? More Strawberries?

It's all her fault and I'm sticking to my story! My sister made me do it! Lets see on Tuesday of last week I picked about 24lbs and cleaned, sliced and froze them, on Wednesday I went and picked another flat.....and pawned that flat off on some friends.....Today Sunday I went and picked another flat....another 8.62 lbs......only because my sister said she wanted to go and hadn't been since she picked strawberries in high school some 40+/- years I came right home and cleaned them and sliced them....tip: (I use an egg slicer and force them through the wires with my thumbs, don't try and use the plunger as it will break the wires but works slick if you use your thumbs and is much quicker!)

My berries from today will be making a trek to upstate NY for Jamie and Rob! And I think I'll sneak some to Sirago to I know he loves his fruit and veggies!

Well folks I'm off to pack Jack's bags he is in NJ this week.

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Chris said...

have safe trip to ny!!! i would take the berries, they aren't picking here...we are done!!