Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Quilting I shall go a quilting I shall go Hi Ho Hi Ho....

Good Morning Grandmaw just stopping by to say hi and give you a good Morning smile! I love you and I hope your working on that new blanket that I want for Christmas....you know that one that has tags all around it so I can rip them off with my pearly whites! I love ripping tags off of things you know that.

My sisters and I are taking an on line quilting class, here is my lesson one project a table runner for my coffee table. It was fun hanging out in the dining room today with the woodstove cranking just sewing away and conversing with my west coast sister about my layout etc of my project. I'll post a finished picture after it is done. This picture really doesn't do it justice the colors are more rust than this picture shows.

Hope all is well with everyone....I'll be ordering a new dishwasher in the next few days ....as it turns out once you have lost a pump it really isn't worth replacing it. Have a great evening everyone.

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ScrappyLadyDelight said...

This is simply gorgeous....you are just so talented....I am looking forward to the finish project. I am so glad you updated...hehehe! I check about everyday....I am very happy now....doesn't take much does it?