Friday, January 29, 2010

Moving Right Along....

Here is a picture of my computer desk. See that pile of receipts and other random papers well that is often an issue on my desk.  I'm working on a project to at least organize it! When it is complete I'll post a picture so you can see how it works out.  Have an excellent evening everyone!


Heidi Blankenship said...

Hi Robyn,
I have been trying to send you an email in response to some questions you had about the Presto Punch but it keeps coming back saying it is undeliverable to your email. Do you happen to have another email where I can send it? Thanks so much! Hope you have a great day!
Heidi Blankenship @

acte gratuit said...

Hi Robyn,
We have $1,000 in our home emergency fund. $700 in American dollars, 300 in yen.

It took us awhile to build up to that, but I was VERY glad to have it. When the power was out, everything was Cash Only and all the ATM's were shut down.