Friday, June 20, 2008

Back at Last

So...sometimes life just gets busy and I don't take the time to smell the flowers or update my blog.

I should take lessons from Sirago! He knows how to take the time to smell the flowers!

Well the bedroom is finished and DH is thrilled! and I got a surprise too....a gift certificate for a full body massage, facial, manicure & pedicure too! I am saving it for when I hit the goal I've set for myself.

Well folks I have had a very interesting week .....learned about leaking oil tanks....when you need to call the DEP and when you don't! If you need that info you can pm me! All is well and it is under construction...LOL.....I am so thankful that it wasn't the middle of February and 40 below zero.

Jack will be home later so guess I better get the trash taken to the land fill and a few other things I want to get done. Here is to an excellent weekend and take time to smell the flowers!

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Mel M. M. M. said...

Aw! Sirago is just beautiful. Sniffing that flower like that he reminds me of my old dog Mog. Thanks for the lovely trip down memory lane. Gorgeous photos. :0)