Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Up Dated Nesabilities Storage

Oh, my it has been 6+ months since I have I thought I would post a picture of how I am storing my nestabilities now. (Sorry about the glare)
I made magnetic books with my Bind It All the covers are fabric over bookboard Note: this was really thick to go through the bind it all and probably wouldn't try it again this way.
I still want to add labels with the name of each set and the number of dies that should be sitting there so I don't loose any.
Enjoy the pic and if you have questions feel free to ask away. Have a most excellent day!


Carmen O. said...

Very cool! Thanks for the inspiration. I just joined PCP and saw your post. Right now mine are in a 4x6 photo album. I think your idea may be much better. Time to get my bind it all out! :D Thanks again.

Kristy said...

what did you use for the pages? cardstock with a magnetic material on them?

Robyn said...

Sorry I didn't respond earlier....I'm a bad blogger...I just glued the 2 pages of the magnetic material and inserted a tab of thick cardstock cut out with a punch that I have that makes tabs.

Maria said...

Great idea!