Friday, March 28, 2008

Pink Socks!

Oh my goodness what was my husband thinking????? I am absolutely thrilled with my new screwdriver....but PINK socks????? They are a bit over the top for me....I really liked his grey wool socks much better.....He told me these were feminine.....but I'm NOT a girly girl....that is just not who I am....give me some blue jeans a tee shirt or sweat shirt wool socks and my birkies or clogs and I am a very happy camper.....

Well I am getting very excited .....Anne and I leave early Sunday morning for Massachusetts for the trade show and Monday with Tim Holtz.....I'll keep you posted as to how it goes....I love an adventure......Have a great day. Robyn

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Sara Paschal said...

Have fun, you will have to take some photos for us.

Question, where did you find the quotes that you had sent to me in a thank you. I love them, thought they would be good for a friend.