Saturday, March 1, 2008

Snowing Again!!!! I knew it was going to happen.... it is snowing again.........talking to my friend Connie this morning and she let me know that we usually get about 40 or so inches of snow....we are now at well over 100 and counting.....On the positive side it is March 1st and spring is on its way .....Right?

Oh, my it appears in this picture that it is time to scrape and paint the house again.....didn't we just do that....oh yeah it was almost 5 years ago and I guess that paint doesn't last that long! Well that project will be on the back burner for a while! (wink)

Have a great weekend all! My plan is next week I'll get cranking on class projects!


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Tami said...

i just saw your post over at pioneer woman, it's still snowing here in new hampshire as well. we just tried to explain mud season to our kids....i think they forget about the grass and all that.