Friday, April 11, 2008

Art on a Budget!

Not sure if you can see these really well but they are my Art on a budget....I LOVE Stampers Anonyomos stamps Here is their link
so I decided that if I stamped them and then framed them in my bargin frames ( 1.99 each) and hung them above the bed in our room.....

now if you look really close you can see 2 post it notes on the head board...yes I write brilliant thoughts that I have during the night on post its so I won't forget until I act upon them! Now you know my secret!

I have also been making lots of samples for the much fun and they turned out so great stop by if you have the time tomorrow......I think there will be an unadvertised sale on 12x12's Whooo Hoooo......

Have a great weekend everyone.

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